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Wilderness, Outdoor & Equine Therapy

La Maison Arc-en-Ciel offers a unique recovery program that is structured around life on the farm, equine therapy, and wilderness and outdoor therapy. Our clients receive counselling, support, and guidance from our clinical team with a focus on building self-confidence while strengthening their values and learning how to put them into practice. Our clinical and support staff will invite each client to explore how to reach their full recovery, which will include improved self esteem, fulfilling relationships and accomplishing individual goals.

Our treatment program offers a combination of traditional Aboriginal healing practices and Western treatment methods that are evidence based with a trauma informed approach. Our goal is to help clients regain balance and build autonomy in their life. With a harm reduction philosophy of care, our centre accommodates clients who are on Opiate Antagonist Treatment (OAT) to participate in our program and work on their recovery. In doing so, we use a three-stage approach: early recovery, recovery, and maintenance.

Clients of La Maison Arc-en-Ciel take part in therapy and academic programs to help improve their life skills and regain a life filled with meaning and endless possibilities. Our program also involves working with our clients’ families to help strengthen connection and build stronger, supportive relationships. We offer continuous intake, and the program is free of charge for Ontario residents.

Our Program Offers…

  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Academic Programming
  • Equine Therapy
  • Outdoor and Wilderness Adventure Therapy
  • Family Therapy that involves family member participation
  • Life Skills Development while living on the Farm

Equine Therapy

What makes our program special is equine therapy as part of treatment and healing. This is a form of therapy that uses a horse as a mediator between the therapist and the client.

Cognitive Benefits from Equine Therapy

  • Learning critical problem-solving skills

  • Taking multi-step direction

  • Planning and communicate

  • Rapport-building and role-modeling skills inherent in the relationships among client, therapist, and horse.

Emotional Benefits of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy also provides many emotional and social benefits. By caring for horses and working with them in a “team” setting, clients develop greater self-esteem and an increased sense of purpose, as well as a keener awareness of their surroundings, community, and peers. Many participants learn how to overcome fear and anxiety and have the opportunity to improve their interactions with others because they become more understanding of the differences and needs of individual horses and peers.


The Oasis

The Oasis

There are four buildings situated on the property that provide a picturesque landscape and tranquil treatment setting. The main house, the Oasis, has six private bedrooms for clients of the program. Here, everyone participates in meal preparation, housework, laundry and keeping rooms clean and tidy. There is a separate gym for exercise and an additional space for woodworking, building projects and learning new skills. This environment provides clients with a non institutional, natural therapeutic setting.

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